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Wednesday 17th September


Oh well, I wasn’t on the Booker shortlist, but never mind. It was very tense waiting for the announcement….almost impossible not to care. When I heard I felt great relief which was peculiar. I can go back to writing and stop worrying. Still, I think the list is quite an interesting one, although I am sorry that the Curious Incident of the Dog at Night time isn’t there. I am enjoying the Good Doctor by Damon Galgut. But I miss the fluttery feeling I had, and I feel as if I have forgotten something.

Now I am back in my room, trying to write 1000 words a day. Actually that’s not so much, but it can feel like a mountain. If I go away on a retreat it’s easy to write much more than that. I have also realised that I far prefer writing longhand, then typing it up. It’s as if the distance from brain to paper isn’t so huge than from brain to type.

I have also started research for my play about Red Spot Babies. I have interviewed a 90 yr old home visitor, and been reading through books about the study of 1000 families. There is alot of stuff about mothering, less about fathers. The main result of the research was that poverty killed babies, not ineffectual mothers. It’s interesting stuff…but I have no idea yet what the story will be.

This afternoon I am going up the coast with Emma H…she is going to paint, while I scribble notes. It’s such incredible, warm weather it seems mad not to get out of the city.