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Wet Thursdays and Tired Knees


I’ve been busy being better, although a part of me won’t crow with delight about shrinking cells as I feel that my role in all this is to be steady, to hang onto a kind of mid course so that when the hospital is gloomy I don’t plummet, and when they tell me good news I don’t whoop either. I just keep on straight ahead! It’s been a very active week….last week we had the reading that explored adapting The Taxi Driver’s Daughter into a stage play. I really enjoyed working with actors for two days, trying out things and looking at the book through new eyes. The event was interesting. It showed how much choice there is in an adaptation. I ended up feeling that one had to not be precious about it, and to change whatever I wanted, but then that’s quite a broad canvas to work from. I am keen to do the play though. I think it will work for younger audiences. The Manifesto is also being developed with Northern Stage as a musical. We are aiming for a script in hand reading in December and a production early next year.

Then last night I did a reading with a new novelist called David Nicholls who has written a very funny book, picked out by Richard and Judy, called Starter For Ten. We were discussing writing novels and deadlines, and how we worked etc, infront of an audience. Then I had some squid in a restaurant!

And the football has been ridiculously exciting, and I don’t even really like football that much!